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Education and health through communication for children in Lombok

31 Mei 2016

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Development of a nation can be seen from the education and health sectors. Education is a form of human investment for develops a nation. Education is expected to uphold the universal of human values, human resources, and respect for cultural diversity. Education should be able to develop the basic needs of every child, children empowerment in facing critical problems of which are in the fight against poverty, increased productivity, and the improvement of living conditions. Therefore, Fikom UNtar’s team held a community service activity with theme of education and health through communication for parents and children in the NTB, located in Al-Mannan pre-school at Rumak Kediri West Lombok. The reason behind this activity is because poverty rates in Central Lombok region is so high which is the opposite to the advancement of the tourism sector in the region. Counseling is chosen as the methods for this community service, through counseling parents and children learning about the importance of education and health. This is important because education and health is the core to improve the quality of human resources and welfare in the Lombok region.

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