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Imasta’s Social Service – Babakan Raden Village – Cariu – Bogor

22 Mei 2016

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On the Saturday, May 14th, 2016, the Association of Civil students of Tarumanagara (Imasta) Faculty of Engineering, held an event in the Babakan Raden Village, Cariu, Bogor. This activity is a Work program of Imasta. The event including cleaning the river path of the garbage in the Babakan Raden village, and then the village will be developed by Imasta for the next work program. At the opening ceremony in the Village, the Civil Engineering Students was accepted by the village officials including Secretary Head of Cariu and also from the police and the local community. From the Faculty of Engineering was represented by the Vice Dean Dr. Adianto, M.Sc. Next is a seminar by WALHI Jakarta, describing the how to recycle garbage into something useful, and then the show continued with a lunch.

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