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Student Communication Forum from Fikom Untar

16 Mei 2016

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Jakarta ( 16/06/2016 ) in the 11th floor Main Building, Faculty of Communication organized Communication Forum (Forkom) event themed  “Speak Your Aspirations “. This event invited Faculty of Communication Dean Dr. Riris Loisa , M.Sc , Assistant Dean Drs . Widayatmoko , MM . , M.I.Kom , lecturers and employees of Fikom . The students from Faculty of Communication also participated in this event.

According to the DPM chairman Andre Lukita ” Forkom event organize to distribute the aspirations of Fikom’s students “. Forkom event is an annual event held by Fikom UNTAR. The purpose of this event is to share ideas and information from students , faculty , and staff to support the quality of academic and non-academic activities . ( SP )

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