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Mycotic Disease : What the Strong Fails to See

9 Mei 2016

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AMSA-Untar seminar is a new program that started a year ago. The main purpose of this program is to give wider knowledge to medical students, both FK Untar students and other medical faculty’s students. The theme that SEMAR usually use are problems or things that are often seen and found on the society. As an example, last year SEMAR picked the theme of Antibiotics Resistance, which is now commonly found on the society, so that medical students are aware of the mechanisms and its effects to health care. This year, AMSA-Untar decided to discuss about Fungal Infections on immunocompromised patients and its medications so that medical students may understand the treatment plan for these cases. We hope that this event may be held annually, and so that it can be a motivational boost for the students to study and find clinical correlation between the real life cases and theoretical studies in classes.   The event will be held at May 21st Registration : AMSA members : Rp 20.000,- Non-AMSA members: Rp. 40.000,- Contact Person : Riky Pratama (lineid) kikypr98 Windy Silvia (lineid) windymurti98

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