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IMAPLANTA’s National Seminar 2016, “Urban Innovation as a Problem Solver in Metropolitan City”

8 Mei 2016

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“Innovation is something that come from creativity. Creativity is something that come from of limitations combined with the intention to move forward. This strongly reflects youths and students of Indonesia “. This is a piece of speech by the Committee Chief of the National Seminar Imaplanta 2016 which has the theme “Urban Innovation as a Problem Solver in Metropolitan City” and was held on April 21th, 2016 at the  3rd floor Auditorium of the Main Building of Tarumanagara University.

Imaplanta program that initiated by the Chairman of Imaplanta, M. Ilham Ryansyah Ambon and chaired by Samuel Reynard Setiyadi is about the phenomenon of urban innovation basedon digital applications are increasingly widespread in the world’s major cities, including Jakarta and the nearby areas. Urban Innovation is a thing born from people which are about to solve problems and going to improve their life quality. Speakers who provided material at the National Seminar derived from many backgrounds which are practitioners, observers, and also the government. From the practitioner, speaker who gave the material is Helmi Fauzan Sudaryanto, S. Kom (CEO & Co-founder of temanjalan.com) and Martua John Edward (Head of Marketing and Communication Qlue Indonesia). While from the observer, speaker who gave the material was Elkanah Chess Hardiansah, ST, M.Si (Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Planners). From the government side, who gave the material speaker is Dr. Ir. Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa (Deputy Director of the Spatial Planning and the Environment). With this seminar, the entire committee and members of IMAPLANTA hope that many young people will be more creative and motivated to contribute for the life quality of the people in Indonesia. Besides, we also hope that the conflict on urban innovation that occurred in Jakarta and nearby areas can see a bright spot, and eventually the government may be faie “referee” and can create an increasingly favorable regulation.

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