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Communication Forum 2016

1 Mei 2016

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Communication Forum is an annual program carried out by the Students Representative Board (DPM) of Faculty of Medicine of Tarumanagara University, which is done with the purpose of channeling the aspirations of the students directly to the dean and vice deans of Faculty of Medicine of Tarumanagara University (FK Untar). Those aspirations are in the form of critics, suggestions, and the students view on both academic activities and non-academic activities in FK Untar. On this occasion, the students will present their findings on the students poll, brainstorming, and Q&A session with the Faculty’s dean. FK Untar is open to hear constructive aspirations from all sides, including the students. It is of the utmost importance, that the faculty can give the proper and excellent teaching, according to the standards, and how to do it effectively. This event will be held at : Day and Date : Wednesday, May 4th 2016 Time : starts at 3 PM Location : Conference Room, Second Floor of the J Building, FK Untar

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