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26 April 2016

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On 25-28 January 2016, Tarumanagara Urban Planner Student Association (IMAPLANTA) held an Excursion to Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of this event is “HIGHLIGHT THE DYNAMIC CITY” with the intent and purpose to know the different aspects of the existing urban in Bangkok to Jakarta, studying the historical and cultural attractions of Bangkokdeveloped as a tourist destination International which is able to drive the local economy, as well as learning the Resort Development in Pattaya which become International attraction. This event was chaired by  Murdiono 345130007 and the IMAPLANTA’s Chairman M. Ilham Ryansyah Ambon 345120005. The lecturers Mr. Ir. Ju Liong Tjung, M.Sc. who is alumnus from AIT Bangkok also join this event as the student companion.

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