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Field Trip to Eastern Belitung

15 April 2016

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One of the ways we showed our appreciation to academicians of the Faculty of Medicine at Tarumanagara University who received an achievement of “A” accreditation and the annual field trip agenda, the lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Medicine held a health charity and field trip from November 7th – 9th, 2015. Some of the tourist attractions which they visited were: Burung Mandi Beach, Kwan Im Temple, Bird Island, Sand Island, Kepayang Island and Tanjung Tinggi Beach which is well-known for their granite. Students also had a chance to visit Ahok House, Andrea Hirata Words Museum, Laskar Pelangi School Replica and the Eastern Belitung Tourism Office. This field trip included a culinary tour that gave the students the opportunity to try Belitung noodle and special orange ice, various seafood processed foods like gangan (fish soup with turmeric) and coffee in Manggar “1001 Coffee City.”

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