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52nd DIES NATALIS of the Faculty of Law at Tarumanagara University

15 April 2016

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The Faculty of Law at Tarumangara University celebrated their 52nd Anniversary in Indonesia’s Law Higher Education dedication event and development on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, in the Auditorium of M Building, on the 8th Floor, Campus 1. This celebration was attended by the heads of staff of the Tarumanagara Foundation, the University, faculty, and study program, as representatives. On this event, the Faculty also gave an appreciation to the parties who were part of the school’s struggles yet continued to be dedicated over the last 52 years. They are the lecturers, staff (who have been dedicated for more than 30 years), and students who have carried the name of the University and have proven our achievement series. The theme of the celebration was “National Regulation Preparation Due to AEC 2015”, with Prof. Dr. Arief Hidayat, S.H., M.S. (the Vice Chairman of Indonesia’s Constitution Court) and Dr. Ariawan Gunadi, S.H., M.H. (one of the chief/the Committee Board of Tarumanagara Foundation and in 2012 had been appointed by the University of Indonesia as the youngest doctoral graduate from the University of Indonesia).

The academicians also participated in entertainment for this event. There was a performance by a band which consisted of lecturers, staff, and students. There was also a gift distribution to various competitions such as the law debate competition, the research competition, and sports (table tennis), and to the students who have carried the name of the University by their achievements. Happy 52ndAnniversary to the Faculty of Law at Tarumanagara University. May the Faculty of Law at Tarumanagara University always succeed in achievements and accomplish our vision and mission.


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