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Creativity Skill Training for the Students of SMAN 96 Jakarta

13 April 2016

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On 24th October 2015, the senior high school students in SMAN 96 Jakarta has visited the Faculty of Arts and Design at Tarumanagara University to participate the creativity skill training held by the community service team of this faculty which supported by Ventura and Community Service Association (LPKMV UNTAR). This training located at the Faculty of Arts and Design (Campus 1) which have plenty of facilities such as Photography Studio, Graphic Computer Studio, Arts Studio. There are various activities in this event, such as Airbrush Painting, Linocut Graphic Technique,  Screen Printing Technique, Space Mock Up, Traditional House Miniature, Photography Technique, and Photo Editing using Adobe Photoshop. The head of this event is Ruby Chrissandy, S.DS., M.Ds., with the other lecturers team which consisted by  Drs. Emilius Heri Hermono, S.T., M.T., Noeratri Andanwerti, S.Sn., M.Sn., Maitri Widya Mutiara, S.Ds., M.M., Heru Budi Kusuma, S.Sn., M.Ds., Augustina Ika Widyani, S.T., M.Ds., Anastasia Cinthya, S.Ds., M.Ars., Ferdy Tanumihardjo, S.Ds., M.Ds., Julius Andi Nugroho, M.Ds., Agus Danarto, S.Sn., and Yuli Asmanto, S.Sn., M.Sn. There are also some of the students who help the event such as Ferinsia, Andru Ekacipta, Stephanie Zenia Angie, Giovani Angelina, Oka Leonardy, Kenny, Rahmat Andreas Hutapea, Ardian A.Andersen, Muhammad Aprilanu, Albert Darmawan, Anindita Ghaisani, Pino Darmawan, William Yananto, Steven Tiovanus, Jesslyn, Chalsy Marcela, Edo Tirtadarma, and Leo. While the staff team consisted by Ahmad and Aselih. Contributor: Heru Budi Kusuma Editor: Augustina Ika Widyani Jakarta, November 10th 2015.

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