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A Wise Journalist Guidance to Expose Diversity Issues

12 April 2016

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Diversity of religions and cultures in Indonesia are very potential to horizontal conflicts. Moreover with the development of mass media today, the journalists tend to be unrealized that they sharpen the conflict. Tuesday (12/04/16), at Press Council Building, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, occur a discussion which

discuss A Wise Journalist Guidance to Expose Diversity Issues. The discussion was attended by Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs from Fikom Untar, Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si, and Lecturer Farid Rusdi, S.S, M.Si, this event organized by the Press Council and the Union of Journalists for Diversity or SEJUK (Serikat Jurnalis Untuk Keberagaman) in Indonesia.

Guest speaker of this discussion is the new Press Council Chairman Joseph ‘Stanley’ Adi Prasetyo, Chairman of the Alliance of Indonesia Independent Journalists (AJI) Suwarjono and Budiman from SEJUK. Director of SEJUK who is also a lecturer in the Faculty of Communication Sciences Untar, Ahmad ‘Alex’ Junaidi in this discussion stated that the Press Council and SEJUK is preparing Guidance of Journalism Diversity. If these guidance are ready, Fikom Untar ready to take part in disseminating the Guidance of Journalism Diversity to professionals candidate in the media industry.

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