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Sportmanship in “FTI Cup 2016”

11 April 2016

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In the modern age, we often face lots of competition, and everyone has a different way to handle it. They can choose fair or unfair way to win the competition. To enhance the spirit of fair competition on campus, Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa ( Student Executive Board) Faculty of Information Technology Tarumanagara University held the “FTI Cup to provide a challenge and motivation to compete fairly.

FTI Cup is a sports game in the FTI Untar environment that held annually. Matches contested are badminton, table tennis, basketball and futsal. FTI Cup 2016  themed “Sport Active – Try It, Play It, Win It”, and was held on 10 and 12 March, 2016.  Tournaments of badminton, table tennis and basketball held on June 10 March 2016, while futsal was held on March 12, 2016.

Participants are so eager to follow the matches are held. Beside as a means of increasing a fair competitive spirit, this event also used to establish the spirit of kinship within the FTI environment. Badminton matches followed 15 participants, table tennis match followed 16 participants,  basketball match followed 8 teams, and futsal match followed  6 teams. This event not only followed by students, but also followed by lecturers and faculty staff to grab the total prize, Rp. 1,1 Million.






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