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Lokananta The Legendary Recording Studio And Its Step On Music Industry In Indonesia

11 April 2016

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In the trip for participate in the national conference of political communication in Ponorogo, FIKom UNTAR’s lecturer have an opportunity to visit Lokananta Studio in Solo, Friday (8/4). Lokananta Studio existence cannot be separated from the history of communication technology development in this country, especially in the recording industry. Recording technology is one of stages in the development of technology in the field of communication.

Inside the building which is already been set as cultural heritage site and also keep masterpiece from Indonesian musicians. Besides that, it also contained a variety of recording equipment that witnessed the journey of recording industry in Indonesia. Lokananta is the first music recording company in Indonesia established on October 29, 1956 which pioneer by Oetojo Soemowidjojo and Raden Ngabehi Soegoto Soerjodipoero- employees of RRI Surakarta. Original purpose was to produce and multiply vinyl records and then audio cassette. (Source: YS and kompas.com)

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