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Congratulations to Dr. Jap Tji Beng as Steering Committee Member of APSTSN (Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network) Representing Indonesia (2016-2018)

7 April 2016

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Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network (APSTSN) is an international organization that aims to encourage Science, Technology and Society (STS) research, teaching, collaboration and critical discussion on current STS themes and issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Its members are researchers from Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Now it has more than 400 members. After going through the process of member election for the steering committee, Dr. Jap TJI Beng, founding member and the head of Information Systems & STS Laboratory, a lecturer from Faculty of Information Technology Untar, was elected as the APSTSN steering committee member  representing Indonesia.

Here is a full list of members of APSTSN steering committe:

  1. Sushila Chang, Australia
  2. Cai Zhong, China
  3. Gonçalo Santos, Hongkong
  4. Jap Tji Beng, Indonesia
  5. Mai Suzuki, Japan
  6. Amy Fletcher, New Zealand
  7. Rey Tiquia, Philippine
  8. Yi-Tze Lee, Taiwan
  9. Jerome Whitington (Convernor), Sulfikar Amir, Singapore

One of the APSTSN activities is the Biennial Conference. For 2017 the conference will be held at the University of Melbourne, Australia on July 5 to 8, 2017.

Congratulations to Dr. Jap Tji Beng. Hopefully as a member of the Steering Committee he would bring a positive impact on the development of Science, Technology, and Society research in Indonesia, especially at the Faculty of Information Technology Untar.

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