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Guest Lecture from PT Oracle Indonesia

1 April 2016

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On Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 13:00 to 15:00, the Faculty of Information Technology Tarumanagara University, held a guest lecture from PT Oracle Indonesia. This lecture was attended by 120 students from Information Systems and Computer Science study program. The lecture was opened by Prof. Dr. Dyah Erny Herwindiaty, M.Si. as the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology.

Mrs. Desi Arisandi, M.TI (Head of Information Systems Study Program) as a moderator of the first session and  Mrs. Lely Hiryanto, M.Sc. (Head of Computer Science Study Program) as the moderator of the second session. The guest lectures are  Mr. Gatot Widardho, S.P. and Mr Anton, both from PT Oracle Indonesia.

fti_untar_kuliah_tamu_18_maret_2016_2          fti_untar_kuliah_tamu_18_maret_2016_1

PT Oracle  (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the biggest software enterprise company in the world which provides enterprise software to the largest and most successful companies and organizations in the world. Oracle provides database products, application server, and collaboration, in addition to enterprise business applications and application development tools. Oracle is the first software company that develops and uses 100 percent of enterprise software over the Internet throughout the products. Since the launch of the world’s first relational database in 1977, Oracle has become an important part of the technological revolution that significantly changed the modern business.

fti_untar_kuliah_tamu_18_maret_2016_5          fti_untar_kuliah_tamu_18_maret_2016_4

Mr. Gatot Widardho from PT Oracle Indonesia are not bored to appeal to all students of the Faculty of Information Technology Tarumanagara University, to constantly learn and equip themselves to face the challenges of the world of work in the field of information technology (IT). He said that “World/Industrial IT does not need smart people, World/Industrial IT more need of people who want to learn”.

Mr.Anton gives a knowledge about the new technology called Cloud Computing, in general the definition of Cloud Computing is the combined of computer technology (computing) in a network with Internet-based development. Cloud computing has the function to run a program or application via a connected computers in the same time, but not all connected via the Internet using cloud computing. Cloud based computer technology system is a technology that makes the Internet as a central server to manage data and user applications. This technology allows users to run the program without installation and allow users to access their personal data through a computer with internet access.

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