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Visitation to BCA Learning Center

10 Maret 2016

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On March 1, 2016, Faculty of Information Technology Tarumanagara University facilitate 50 students of Computer Science Department to visit BCA Learning Center to broaden their knowledge in Information Technology. This Learning center is located at the Menara BCA building Jl. M.H Thamrin, Central Jakarta. The students were accompanied by some lecturers, Mrs. Ir. Jeanny Pragantha, M.Eng, Ms. Lely Hiryanto, ST., MSc, Mr. Tony., M.Kom, and Mr Zyad Rusdi., M. Kom.FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_3

They were greeted by Mrs. Lena Setiawati as Manager of Learning & Development Executive BCA, Mr. Hermawan Thendean BCA as the Executive Vice President, and Ms. Juliawaty Widjaja as Head Of Recruitment Department of the BCA Bank. They presented what has been done by the Bank, what is being developed and implemented in the field of IT and requirements needed to work in the IT BCA.

With the proliferation of smart phone applications, there are behavioral changes in customer  banking which previously had to go to the bank and stand in line to make a transaction, now they want almost instantaneous transaction without having to go to the bank and stand in line waiting for their turn. To support this changing, the banking industry, such as BCA has been promoting the products in the form of Digital Mobile applications, so that customers do not bother to go to the bank to make financial transactions. For example in online shopping, stock transactions, banking transactions, now is done by moving the cursor in smart phone, then the transaction can be done immediately by whoever and wherever they may be.

FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_5After the lunch break, we were met with some of the Alumni Faculty of Information Technology who have been working in the IT BCA. They are Meyliani Tanjung (SI 2009), Willian (IT 2009), Yohan Prasetyo (IT 2010), and Masayu Rini (TI 2003). They told about experiences, joys and sorrows during their work as a team in IT BCA.

“The important thing is we have to like what we do here, and continuous learning” said Rini who had joined the team IT BCA since October 2008, when she provided a bit of experience and shared her knowledge.

The visit ended with reviewing the work space BCA IT programmers, which looked comfortable, adequate and clean, and equipped with a small meeting room, discussion areas, relaxing areas and dining area.

FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_1 FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_2 FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_4

FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_6 FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_7 FTI_UNTAR_Kunjungan_ke_BCA_8

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