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General Discussion: “Is Our Curriculum Ready for Working in Singapore?”

15 Februari 2016

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On Tuesday,  February 9, 2016 Faculty of Information Technology (FTI), Tarumanagara University held another general discussion: “Is Our Curriculum Ready for Working in Singapore? “

This discussion was presented by Kendi Susanto, alumni of Information System department UNTAR, graduated in 2007. Now, Mr. Kendi work as , Systems Analyst in Bank OCBC Singapore. He talked about the knowledge that is needed to carry out his work as System Analyst. He mentioned that the knowledge he got from his study in FTI is adequate, but he also stated that we can’t stop learning since the advanced of new technology. This discussion was attained by FTI’s lecturers and student.

FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_1 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_2 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_3 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_4

FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_6 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_5 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_7 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_8

FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_9 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_91 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_92 FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_93FTI_UNTAR_diskusiumum_9_feb_2016_94

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