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Our Comparable Learning Methods with Singapore

27 Januari 2016

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As the member of Academic Faculty Development (AFD) program series this year, Daniel Tamburian, Yugih Setyanto, Septia Winduwati, and Wulan Purnamasari as the lecturers of the Faculty of Communication got the chance to visit the well-known university in Singapore. On 25th – 26th January 2016, they visited some university such as Lasalle College of Art, Institute of Technical Education (ITE), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Republic Polytechnic.

The difference between this visit and the previous one when in the batch program is in this chance the lecturers not only got to observe but also have the chance to attend the class as a student to knows directly the learning process in the university. The 19 participants who come from various faculty could sit and attend in a difference class based on their knowledge field.

in this chance, the lecturers also could survey the class facilities and the learning methods. In general, the method which implemented in some of the university has some similarity in the one which implemented in Tarumanagara University. The learning method was equalizing the practical and deepening of subjects theoretically. From that statement, we could say that the learning method in Tarumanagara University almost comparable to the learning methods in Singapore

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