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Golden Anniversary of The Faculty of Medicine of Tarumanagara University

20 Desember 2015

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The Faculty of Medicine at Tarumanagara University held their 50th celebration on December 17th, 2015 at Taruma Grand Ballroom which is located in the Main Building of Tarumanagara University on the 21st floor. All of the academicians, lecturers, and students attended and participated in this golden celebration. This event had entertainment including poetry readings, choir performances, and musical instrument performances by students and lecturers. The main event in this celebration was when the Faculty of Medicine gave their appreciation to the meritorious people in the Faculty of Medicine establishment and dedicated lecturers. During this opportunity there was a book launching about the 50 years of the Faculty of Medicine at Tarumanagara University and there was a profile video of the Faculty of Medicine at Tarumanagara University. This event was even merrier with the guests who filled all the tables in the ballroom from the Tarumanagara Foundation, University, Faculties, Partners of the Faculty of Medicine, Lecturers, and alumni.

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