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The Faculty of Communication participation on PORSI

27 November 2015

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The student executive board of the Faculty of Economics at Tarumanagara University held the annually sports meeting which called PORSI. This year, PORSI held a sports competition which shows the talents of the students. This competition held on 11-26th November 2015 at Tarumanagara University Campus II. The students of the faculty of Communication got the chance to also achieve their trophy. On 23rd November, the Faculty of Communication has been participated one of the sports in those yearly sport meeting, it was 3 on 3 basketball competition. Although they feel nervous in competing the other team, the students of the Faculty of Co
mmunication still think optimistically. They believe and focus to against the other team in the competition even though it was dominated by the other supporting faculty. The faculty of Communication wined with 9 – 5 score in the elimination round. They also wait for the result and schedule for the next rounds. The elimination round participated by 92 teams from 8 faculties of Tarumanagara University and the external community. We hope this annual sports meeting could enhance the sportivity and spirit of students at Tarumanagara University

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