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Tarumanagara Psychology research interests media

11 November 2015

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Heroic figures have always been  tremendous motivators influencing individuals. Heroic figure can be regarded as nation pride and a role model as well. Western concepts of heroic action always involves risk-taking attitude and action, altruism and bravery. However, many experts stated that heroism is culturally dependent, in that every culture expresses and emphasizes certain values characterizing heroism.

Recent research by Rahmah Hastuti, psychologist, and Yohanes Budiarto, the social psychology researcher of Psychology Faculty of Tarumanagara University resulted in Heroism scale. This psychometric research over 401 Indonesian adolescents found 4 factors structuring heroism: leadership, role model, nationalism and altuism. 4 psychology students were involved in this study as field researchers.

This finding has interested media to cover and relate the Indonesian heroism scale structures with the State Defence Program in Indonesia. Nationalism in this research is expressed by items such as ” fight any negative intimidations, against discrimination, love nation and readily sacrifice totally for nation.” These items may indicate the readiness of adolescents to participate in any program promoting nationalism and state defence mentally. The media link covering this news is http://www.beritasatu.com/gaya-hidup/321117-pentingnya-sosok-pahlawan-bagi-remaja.html.


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