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Bollywood sensation in UNTAR

15 April 2015

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Dance and song harmonization is an interesting icon of Bollywood. Moreover, actors become the starto their lovers in Indian film industry. Call it Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, and Saurabh Raj Jain. Almost all Bollywood lovers would know the charm of Hinduism artist’s. Their Spirit, and aura to attractive expression has always get the unique charm. Diverse cultures, hundreds of languages, various procedures are summarized beautifully in this industry. What if we can feel the sensation of Bollywood live in Fikom Untar? Beautiful ambient was strong when the student / in Fikom Untar entering classrooms Cross Cultural Communication last week. Distinctive fragrances from incense and fragrant sandalwood spreading from the class. Not only that, the charm of beauty as the country with the second largest population in the world plastered beautifully throughout the classroom area. When we examine, the Indian state is not much different from Indonesia. There are a variety of cultures, languages, customs to the typical tourist destinations. They ceaselessly riveting wider community of its cultural heritage. Everything peeled out in the Indian state presentation. Prayer ceremony traditions and the way Indian’s greet and meet leaving our memories with the colorful culture of the country’s Iconic Taj Mahal. In fact, we can see directly the struggle of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent resistance to the Indian Independence. Gandhi aligned with drama, drama scenes Mahabharata also played for supporting India’s sensation in Fikom Untar. India is expressive attractive from Bollywood concrete form with dance and rhythm of the unique song. So no wonder, sassy dance sensation we can directly watch live along with some genuine harmonization of Bollywood. In addition, the group presentation (26/11) took the grand opening of a new restaurant concept “Royal Kitchen” themed Mahatma Gandhi and other groups (27/11) describe the story of the Mahabharata contest with the concept of teaching and learning in schools. Hopefully, with the introduction of the thousands country of New Delhi, the student / i Fikom Untar able to understand the cultural pattern of India! (fs)

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