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Michigan State University Offer Cooperation to FE

14 April 2015

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Michigan State University Offer Cooperation to FE
By visiting Accounting Department Faculty of Economics Tarumanagara University the US University discuss the opportunities to collaboration.
Shinta Sintawati, Assistant Director of Master of Science in Accounting Department of Michigan State University (MSU), USA, visited to Accounting Department Faculty of Economics Tarumangara University (UNTAR) couple weeks ago. That MSU officer visited the Accounting Department two times during her business trip in business trip to Indonesia. Shanti said that her trip was in order to look for opportunities to cooperate with few universities in Indonesia. One of the most potential partners was Department Accounting Faculty of Economics Tarumanagara University. That why she visited the oldest faculty in Tarumanagara University.The first visiting, was on April 16, 2013. In this opportunity, she met Accounting Department officer: Sriwahyuni (Head of Accounting Department) and Hendro Lukman & Elsa Imelda (Secretary of Accounting Department). In this occasion Shanti offered the opportunities to cooperate in Master of Accounting Program. She suggested four forms cooperation between MSU and Accounting Department, such as, student exchange, dual degree, joint research and visiting MSU’s professor in giving seminar or general lecture. The second time visiting was on April 26, 2013, she met with few undergraduate students who plan to continue their study abroad. Beside she introduced MSU, she also gave information how to live and learn in the United State.
MSU is the big 10 accounting university in USA. MSU is also very tough graduate university. This University only accepts 15 overseas students each intake for Master in Accounting Program. Master in Accounting Program of MSU offers three cores curriculum, e.g. Taxation, Information System and Public & Corporate Accounting. Students may take two cores. Most of the MSU alumni works on big ten accountant firm e.g. EY, KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, Baker Tilly, BDO USA, Grant Thornton, and big companies around Detroit and other state in United State. Moreover, students may take internship in the accounting firms while they are studying

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