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Jurnal FIKOM Juli 2011

17 Februari 2015

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STUDI RESEPSI AUDIENS TERHADAP LIRIK LAGU BERMUATAN POLITIK (STUDI PEMAKNAAN INDIVIDU TERHADAP LIRIK LAGU “ANDAI KU GAYUS TAMBUNAN”)Patricia Robin / Pinckey Triputra ABSTRACT : Political and legal realities in Indonesia are seen differently by each individual. There is a view that politics and law (the wheels of government) has been running well, there is also a view that is still very lacking in implementation. This situation makes the emergence of many forms of resistance (opposition expression) that was delivered by the community. This resistance statement conveyed through the form of a hard or known by the demonstration that will bring unrest, or some that are in a subtle form, namely in the arts. The song was born as a form of articulation that society has not been exposed to the public. What the public has perceived oelh confined only in community conversation without the realization to be submitted to the competent authorities such as government and the police.
Keywords: Political Realities, Expression of the Opposition, Reception Studies, lyrics, Meaning, Denotative, Connotative .
ABSTRACT: The mass media in the midst of modernization have an critical role in its function of disseminating information. The media plays a role in cultural values ??bequeathed to the community. In highlighting the cultural content, the mass media construct reality often included in the package of events and cultural nuances of an ethnic event. Metro TV television media is understood as the ideology of pluralism in Indonesia. Based television news seems most have special concern for diversity to frame the nuances of Chinese, especially during Chinese New Year. In reporting, these journalists and the media often involves ideology of their personal values ??so that the nuances of Chinese news is framed in such a way. Some of the news broadcast is in conformity with reality, but there are also some things in the news there are hidden assumptions that can actually obscure the facts and lead to wrong perception by the public audience.
Keywords: News, Journalism, Television, Culture, Chinese, Lunar, Construction
Abstract: In the study is about the promotion on twitter can influence consumers to purchase made by Red Mango. This study has several research purposes, namely: to see the extent to which consumer decision-making through the introduction of Red Mango problems, information search, evaluation of alternative purchase options, post-purchase evaluation and see the difference between consumers who to follow or not to follow, and examine the factors (problem recognition, information search, evaluation of various alternative brands, the choice of brand products purchased, and post-purchase evaluation) that differentiates. The research method used is discriminant method that aims to look at groups of consumers already who follow and not to follow. The population of this study is students at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, University Tarumanagara. The method of analysis used are: descriptive analysis method for presenting statistical summary of the assessment of the respondents, to test the validity and reliability, and discriminant analysis method. From the findings, conclusions obtained are no significant differences between groups of consumers who follow and not to follow. Because it does not influence consumers to buy yogurt at Red Mango through the promotion of twitter.
Keywords: Decision Making, Twitter, Promotion, Discriminant
PERAN MEDIA SOSIAL FACEBOOK DALAM KOMUNITAS KAUM LESBI DI KOTA TUA Elisabeth Shinta/ Riris Loisa Abstract : Lesbi is one of the minor in social community and alot of ordinary people not want to know and understanding them, cause people perception its abuse social human life. The fact Lesbianer want to exist and expressing into group social community and make it as a place for accommodating their needs. Nowadays with facebook they can communicated fast and easily to their friend in sharing information also to introduced and looking patner . They more realize that as human being they have same need to be fulfilles and can be accepted into social community.
Keywords : New media,social community,Identity
ABSTRACT: This study discusses the Democratic National advertising version of Hymn” which was launched by the national community organization. Democratic National is community organizations that want to realize a Restoration in Indonesia” to all areas of life, whether political, economic, social, and cultural. In plain view, when looking at the Democratic National advertisingversion of “Hymn” is not a lot of politics in terms of display impressions and words in his ads. This is because politics is abstract, but it can be seen from the symbols used in the ad.Therefore, the authors use Roland Barthes’s semiotics to reveal the myth of political communication or anything that is actually contained in images and words in the ad. Thus, it can be seen that there is a political purpose to be conveyed by the National Democrats to all Indonesian people through these ads.
Key words: Advertising, Political Ideology, SemioticsRoland Barthes, Symbol, Myth.
Abstract This study discusses the activities of the creation of Marketing Public Relations (MPR) Brand Image Café Gran Via. Marketing Public Relations have helped management roles, developing consumer awareness of products launched, handling complaints, helped campaign for the launch of existing products, and maintain the image of the Café Gran Via. Ni research aims to determine the profile of visitors Café Gran Via and the role of Marketing Public Relations to create a positive brand image for consumers. The research method used correlational and regression, which aims to study the relationships and influences of Marketing Public Relations Brand Image. This study uses judgment sampling method, in which researchers refer to direct visitors who had thrice been to Café Gran Via. Hypothesis stating Marketing Public Relations has a strong influence on the creation of Brand Image Café Gran Via. The method of analysis used the quantitative explanative, which explains the nature or characteristics of a phenomenon through quantitative results. Conclusions obtained by the Ho is rejected by t-test count that showed a sig = 0,000 <0,08. Can be concluded, that the Marketing Public Relations, significantly influence the creation of Brand Image Café Gran Via.
Keywords : Marketing Public Relations, Brand Image, Brand Awareness, Consumer Awareness.
PERAN PUBLIC RELATIONS DALAM PEMBENTUKAN CITRA MEREK MAL CENTRAL PARK (STUDI TENTANG JAKARTA GREAT SALE 2010 MAL CENTRAL PARK) Ria Natasya/ Eko Harry Susanto ABSTRACT: This study discusses how the role of public relations in shaping the brand image of Mal Central Parklw2 on the Acara Jakarta Great Sale 2010 Mal Central Parkl. The research approach used was a quantitative study with this type of research explanative. Samples from this study are 100 visitors who attended the Mal Central Park or shop at the Jakarta Great Sale 2010 acara. Test the quality criteria of research conducted: 1) Test validity, with the value Corrected Item-Total Correlation> 0.20 second) test reliability, with Cronbach’s alpha values??> 0.70. Data analysis methods are used: 1) Test OMS, for each item statement on any variable 2) Test the correlation, the Pearson Product Moment method that produces a correlation coefficient of +0.749 3) Simple Linear Regression Test, with a value of R square (R) amounting to 0.562, which means that the role of public relations activities contributed 56.2% of the brand image of Mal Central Park 4) Test the hypothesis, with a significance value of t is calculated in a simple linear regression of 0.000 <0.05 which means that Ho refused and Ha accepted. It can be concluded that the role of public relations at the Jakarta Great Sale 2010 acara had significantly influence on the formation of brand image of Mal Central Park.
Keywords: Role of Public Relations, Brand Image Mal Central Park, Jakarta Great Sale 2010

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