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Master of Management Study Program

Fast Track to Become a Professional Executive

Fields of Expertise

Financial Management
Marketing Management
Strategic Management
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurial Management
Digital Business Management
Hospital Management
School Management

Career Prospects

1. Leader/Manager of a Business Company
2. Entrepreneur
3. Management Consultant
4. Business Management Lecturer


Master of Management Study Program is Very Good-accredited and could be finished within 3 semesters, with excellence in the field of Digital Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Hospital Management, School Management, and Management Review to develop managerial capabilities.

Learning curriculum is designed to produce professional executives relevant to industrial needs, that could create innovations and dedicate their work for the society.

Implementing blended learning, supported with complete facilities and lecturers of academician and business professional background. Recognition of Prior Learnings, by course, and by research application programs are also available.

Entrepreneurships & Business EthicsThis course explores two specific areas: Entrepreneurship Management and Business Ethics. The Entrepreneurship Management aspect seeks to equip students with a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship, encompassing the identification of opportunities and the challenges inherent in being an entrepreneur. It also covers the essential academic knowledge of comprehensive company management, including market analysis, financial management, and human resource management. This course aims to equip participants with fundamental skills in innovation management within an entrepreneurial setting characterized by uncertainty, limited information, and resources. It seeks to cultivate a proactive and determined mindset in the creation of new ventures, while enhancing understanding of effective strategies and their underlying rationale. Additionally, the course offers a simulated experience in managing a fictional company, encompassing the formulation of business concepts and the development of a comprehensive business plan. The Business Ethics aspect focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of ethics and its significance in addressing moral dilemmas in the business world. It emphasizes the practical application of ethical concepts in decision-making, beyond mere reasoning and technical analytical skills. It also highlights the moral aspects involved in managerial decisions related to business problems, and emphasizes the importance of social responsibility and environmental sustainability as moral obligations for both society and business professionals. Additionally, it provides real-life examples of how businesses can address and solve problems by considering moral values alongside business rules.
New Ventures Creation & Legal AspectThis course covers two specific areas: New Ventures Creation and Legal Aspects. The New Venture Creation component will equip students with a pragmatic comprehension of the process involved in establishing a new firm. Students will acquire fundamental ideas and concepts of entrepreneurship, along with an understanding of the essential role that entrepreneurs play in the economy and society. This course will comprehensively address all essential aspects required to launch a new business. Furthermore, the Legal side will provide a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent regulatory and legal components.
Strategic Management & Human ResourcesThis course explores two specific areas: Strategic Management and Human Resources. The objective of the Strategic Management component is to enable students to comprehend the methods by which corporations acquire and sustain competitive advantages, evaluate business strategies, develop strategies, execute strategies, and structure organizations to attain strategic success. The Human Resources component provides fundamental knowledge and understanding of human resource management, including the functions and responsibilities involved in managing human resources to meet corporate goals. It also addresses the various concerns and challenges faced by the human resources department. Upon completion of this course, students will possess the ability to comprehend and evaluate the challenges and dilemmas encountered in human resource management in a proficient, all-encompassing, and cohesive manner. They will also be capable of applying their knowledge of human resource management to organizational and business operations, as well as anticipating and addressing potential issues that may arise in managing human resources within a company or business organization. This will enable the Human Resources department to effectively carry out company activities and achieve an ideal level of productivity.
Digital Business Models & Digital Business RegulationsThis course explores two specific areas: Brand Management and Digital Marketing. The objective of Brand Management is to facilitate comprehension of the process and administrative challenges involved in brand development as an integral component of "total marketing activity", as well as the capacity of brand management to accomplish marketing objectives. The discussed subjects encompass brand equity and brand strategy. Meanwhile, the Digital Marketing element offers insight into the utilization of digital tools or media to efficiently, accurately, and extensively reach target consumers. In addition, it can also enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of utilizing advertising money for business or commercial objectives.


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