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Doctor of Law Study Program

Producing Reliable and Professional Graduates in the Field of Business Law

Fields of Expertise

Business Law

Career Prospects

1. Academician
2. Researcher
3. Practitioner

Doctor of Law Study Program is Very Good-accredited and could be finished within 6 semesters, leading in the field of Business Law.

Learning curriculum is designed to produce academicians, researchers, and practitioners that own integrity, professionalism, and entrepreneurship in the field of business law.

Learning process is supported with complete infrastructures, business experts and professionals, Focus Group Discussions (FGD), sharing sessions, and field studies in industry and business. Recognition of Prior Learnings, by course, and by research application programs are also available.

Featured Courses

Philosophy of LawsPhilosophy of Laws delves into the foundational principles and theories that underpin legal systems and concepts. It explores questions about the nature of law, justice, rights, and authority from a philosophical perspective. Scholars in this field critically analyze the moral and ethical dimensions of law, examining theories such as natural law, legal positivism, legal realism, and critical legal studies. Through rigorous inquiry and debate, researchers seek to deepen our understanding of the philosophical foundations of law and its implications for society, governance, and individual rights.
Legal Research Method and Proposal DraftingLegal Research Method and Proposal Drafting equips students with the essential skills and techniques necessary to conduct rigorous legal research and formulate effective research proposals. This subject covers various research methodologies, providing students with the tools to critically evaluate existing literature, gather relevant data, and analyze legal issues. Moreover, students will learn how to draft comprehensive research proposals that outline the research questions, objectives, methodology, theoretical framework, and potential contributions to the field of study. Through practical exercises and guidance, scholars develop proficiency in designing and executing high-quality research projects in the legal domain.
Dissertation Writing TechniqueDissertation Writing Technique refines students' skills in crafting scholarly dissertations in the field of law. This subject covers various aspects of the dissertation writing process, including structuring the dissertation, formulating clear research questions, conducting comprehensive literature reviews, analyzing data (if applicable), and synthesizing findings to produce original insights. Students will also learn effective techniques for organizing and presenting their arguments cohesively, adhering to academic conventions, and engaging with relevant legal scholarship. Additionally, emphasis is placed on critical thinking, clarity of expression, and adherence to academic integrity standards. Through guided instruction and hands-on practice, scholars develop the proficiency to produce well-researched, logically structured, and intellectually rigorous dissertations that contribute to the advancement of legal scholarship.


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