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Bachelor of Medicine Study Program

Focuses on Elderly Citizens Health Management

Fields of Expertise

General Medicine
Elderly Management

Career Path

1. Lecturer
2. Researcher
3. Manager at Medical Facilities
4. Manager at National/International Medical Organization

Bachelor of Medicine Study Program is A-accredited. Implementing 21 block system in 7 semesters, graduates will be proficient in executing clinical procedures in order to solve medical problems holistically.

Graduates will not only proficient academically, but also implemented with “Dedicatio Pro Humanitate” value, which is spirit of high dedication to humanity. Equipped with advanced infrastructures, complete with high-end laboratories, graduates are trained to have ethics and integrity, and proficient in communication while still be able to demonstrate clinical procedures properly.

Bachelor of Medicine Study Program implements competency-based curriculum with SPICES (Student-centered, Problem based, Integrated, Community-oriented, Early Exposure, Systematic) learning strategy.

By implementing blended learning system, aside from cross-program learning through Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM), students are also actively engaged in community engagements. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program are also available for students with work experience and achievements in academic or non-academic fields.



THCT Laboratory

Anatomy Laboratory


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