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Bachelor of Interior Design Study Program

Creative Interior Problem Solver

Fields of Expertise

Interior Design
Furniture Design
Exhibition Design
Interior Lighting Design
Decorative Design

Career Path

1. Interior Designer
2. Interior Design Consultant
3. Exhibition Interior Designer
4. Furniture and Interior Product Designer
5. Interior Lighting Designer
6. Interior Design Writer

Bachelor of Interior Design Study Program is Excellent-accredited. Learning can be taken within 8 semesters by giving students the flexibility to think creatively and comprehensively to master the fields of expertise in the interior industry, such as furniture design, exhibition, lighting, and decorative.

Learning of Interior Design is assembled in gradation, covering the aspects of space and user. This study program focuses on the development of creative skills and problem solving by utilizing technology and design software.

By implementing the Blended Learning system, cross-study learning is executed through the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program, and the Recognition of Prior Learning program is available for students with work experience and achievements in academic and non-academic fields.

Featured Courses

Decorative DesignThis course studies the philosophical values, function, and role of Indonesian ornaments as well application in interiors. The aim of this course is to produce decorative designs which has locality and contextuality values ​​in its application to interior design work.
Furniture Design ExportThis course explores the concept of furniture design for export to the target export market (global), which applied in chair design and/or table design (mass production/non mass production). The aim of this course is to provide students with the ability to produce prototype furniture design for export that has global competitiveness. The material used in this course is rattan material which is a specialty of Indonesian forests.
IllustrationThis course studies the techniques and concepts in the process of creating illustrations and visual comic sequences using mixed media. Illustration course is a subject that provides student the skills needed to be able to produce visuals with drawing and painting techniques in application and in accordance with the context in communicating messages and impressions to the audience. In this course, students will also learn about ornaments and deformation techniques used in traditional Indonesian design and art.
Design in SocietyIn this course, students will learn to solve real life problems through practical and proportional means. To achieve this, the course employs design thinking principles and utilizes various visual communication design medias, as well as other common design medias. Additionally, it adopts an interdisciplinary approach that considers economic, social, and cultural aspects.

This course serves as an introduction to design thinking as a practical problem-solving approach in visual communication design. The syllabus covers a range of topics, including an overview of design thinking and practices of visual communication design as well as common design. Furthermore, it offers an introduction into the history and study of design in Indonesia, as well as vernacular design practices within communities.
The design process in this course commences with field research based on the grounded theory, focusing on the urban community of Jakarta, especially West Jakarta. Beyond acquiring cognitive knowledge, students are expected to gain affective knowledge from the design-making process, which serves as a form of small-scale community service in urban areas.


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