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Bachelor of Information Systems Study Program

Excellence in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Database

Fields of Expertise

Business Intelligence
Enterprise Database Application
Big Data Analytics

Career Path

1. Information Systems Manager
2. Project Manager
3. Business Analyst
4. System Analyst
5. Database Administrator
6. Web Designer and Developer
7. Business Intelligence Specialist

The Bachelor of Information Systems Study Program is Excellent-accredited and to be completed within 8 semesters and evening program is available as an option for students to learn comprehensively.

Cooperations with Database Systems (Oracle) and Artificial Intelligence (Huawei) are applied to strengthen students’ competency.

By implementing the Blended Learning system, cross-study learning is executed through the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program, and the Recognition of Prior Learning program is available for students with work experience and achievements in academic and non-academic fields.

Featured Courses

Digital EnterpreneurshipDiscover the dynamics of digital entrepreneurship within Indonesia's vibrant economy through our specialized course. Tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges of Indonesia's digital landscape, this program equips participants with the essential skills and insights needed to thrive in the country's rapidly evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dive into topics such as market research, innovative business models, effective digital marketing strategies, and navigating local regulatory frameworks, all contextualized within the Indonesian market context.

Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical case studies featuring successful Indonesian startups and digital ventures, participants gain invaluable firsthand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the local market. Engage with industry experts, collaborate with peers, and develop a robust entrepreneurial mindset poised for success in Indonesia's digital age. This course provides the essential tools and insights to thrive in Indonesia's dynamic digital entrepreneurship landscape.
Business Information SystemsParticipants will learn how information technology intersects with the country's unique business landscape. Key topics include the fundamentals of information systems, enterprise solutions like ERP and CRM adapted to Indonesian markets, e-commerce strategies for Indonesian businesses, data management in local contexts, cybersecurity considerations specific to Indonesia, project management methodologies relevant to Indonesian projects, and the ethical implications of information systems in the Indonesian socio-economic environment. Through case studies and practical applications focused on Indonesian businesses, students develop skills to analyze local business requirements, design tailored systems, and implement solutions effectively. Ultimately, participants gain the expertise to leverage BIS to drive growth and innovation in Indonesia's dynamic economy.
Computer and SocietyStudents will explore how computer technology intersects with Indonesian society, culture, and institutions. Key topics include the digital divide, ethical considerations, Indonesian legal and regulatory frameworks, cultural influences on technology adoption, the role of computer technology in driving innovation and economic growth, government policies for digital transformation, the impact of social media and online communities, and environmental sustainability concerns. Through this course, students gain a nuanced understanding of the complex relationship between computer technology and Indonesian society, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape thoughtfully and responsibly.
Enterprise Resource PlanningExplore the intricacies of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation within Indonesia's dynamic business environment through our specialized course. Delve into ERP fundamentals, from module functionalities to implementation strategies, designed to equip professionals and students with the essential skills for navigating ERP deployment successfully. What sets this course apart is its focus on real-world application, leveraging compelling case studies from prominent Indonesian enterprises across various industries. Analyze these cases to gain valuable insights into the challenges, successes, and best practices associated with ERP integration in manufacturing, retail, finance, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Through a comprehensive curriculum spanning organizational change management, system selection, data migration, and post-implementation support, participants will develop a holistic understanding of ERP's role in enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making. By the course's conclusion, learners will emerge with the expertise and insights necessary to drive successful ERP projects within the Indonesian business landscape, whether as seasoned professionals seeking to deepen their ERP knowledge or as aspiring professionals aiming to embark on a career in enterprise systems management.


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