IMG_0201 ok ok okEntrepreneurs play a key role in creating jobs to develop the economy. However, universities play a more crucial role in preparing competent graduates that could compete in the current tight environment. The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) recently started also brings a new challenge, opening up not just the flow of goods and service, but also workers and professionals to directly compete with each other in the region.
Since established, we consistently put forward integrity value as our priority to create successful individuals. Our commitment is strengthened with the spirit of professionalism and entrepreneurial mindset, that suit with our vision “Becoming a leading entrepreneurial university with high integrity and profesionalism in the South East Asia”.
We consistently strive to develop education curriculum based on professional competency standard. All the resource that we have, our qualified lecturers, representative campus facility, integrated information and communication technology system, and our strong network with the alumni and other institution, will support our efforts and contribution in creating competent human resources.
Lets build a better future for Indonesia with UNTAR.

Warm Wishes



Prof. Dr. Agustinus Purna Irawan