“To become an excellent university in national and international through creation, innovation, knowledge implementation, technology, and arts”

Based on UNTAR’s vision, our postgraduate program’s vision is to become a postgraduate study program unit which is distinguished and excellent in education, research, community service and have global knowledge.


  1. Developing and supporting magister and doctoral program to be an excellent study program who have a great competitiveness in national and international.
  2. Having some research in knowledge, technology, or art, which have a direct or nondirect beneficial to enhance Indonesia’s society welfare and international.
  3. Implementing and having community services which useful to Indonesia’s society and international
  4. Coordinating and synergizing between study program to achieve our objectives in internal or external


  1. To make a high achievement for each accreditated study programs.
  2. To publicize our research in the qualified journal either in national or international.
  3. To build a research center which becomes a qualified research location center in postgraduate program
  4. To held plenty of qualified community service events which useful to society.
  5. To build an integrated postgraduate program with effective and efficient management.