Mahasiswa Untar Pelajari Entrepreneurship di Taiwan
Senin, 12 Februari 2018

Untar sent its students to attend "The International" Winter Camp at Kun Shan University (KSU) Tainan, Taiwan. "During this college, Untar students participated in various business and entrepreneurship-related activities" from academics and practitioners in Taiwan. IMG-20180207-WA0032The program, which takes place February 4-11, is filled with learning about various fields that support business including 3D System Design, Arts and Culture Industries Innovative Learning, VBR (Virtual Business Retailing), Entrepreneurship Learning Team, Startup and Incubation Learning. In addition they also had the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with well-known entrepreneurs who have been successful in Taiwan such as Prof. Wu, Prof. Li Cheng-Lung, Prof. Chen, and Prof. Hung-Wei While in Taiwan, 20 students from various faculties were also invited to visit various creative industries and museums including Chinese Language Center, TJ Tourism Factory, Taiwan Metal Creation Museum, Chi-Mei Museum, and Taroko Park.IMG-20180207-WA0031According to Widyanilam Rossian, one of the program participants who came from the Communication Faculty, this opportunity IMG-20180207-WA0034very valuable because it can see firsthand how to learn business and entrepreneurship in the country of Taiwan, especially in KSU. In addition, according to him also can give an idea of ​​the relationship between education and the industrial world in Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the countries that has succeeded in building relations between education and industry so as to produce rapid economic progress. Chancellor Prof. Dr. Agustinus Purna Irawan stated that through this program students mahasiswa can see firsthand how the development of entrepreneurship in Taiwan and can be adopted when they later graduate from Untar and go into business. "This activity is also to strengthen Untar's move to take more active roles at the international level," the Rector said. Untar and KSU have established close relations and carried out various joint activities.  

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