Kegiatan Sosial Asah Soft Skill Mahasiswa Untar
Sabtu, 20 Januari 2018

The Untar Campus is not only known for its academic achievements and student expertise and the success of its alumni but also from the many social activities undertaken by students. Activities initiated by Untar students are proof that the campus world cannot be far from reality social activities in the community. Including providing energy and material assistance to residents in need. [caption id = "attachment_37616" align = "alignleft" width = "372"] Director of Student Affairs and Alumni Dr. Adianto., M.Sc attended the social service activity carried out by Dharmayana Untar students in Gunung Kidul [/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_37644" align = "alignright" width = "441"] BEM Untar together with the community of Banjarwangi Garut VillageIMG-20180111-WA0000 BEM untar [/ caption] One of the many activities carried out in January 2018 was Live In 2018 with the theme "We Care, We Share" which was held in Banjarwangi Village, Garut, West Java. This activity was initiated by the Tarumanagara University Student Executive Board (BEM Untar) on 12-15 January 2018. In this activity in addition to students mingling and living with residents in the village also carrying out various social activities. The same was done by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics (FE) Untar who carried out Joyful social service (Baksos) 2018. The activities carried out in Talagajaya Village, Banjarwangi District, Garut, West Java were attended by students from FE Untar. [caption id = "attachment_37642" align = "alignright" width = "310"hjjjjjj [/ caption] Meanwhile, students who are members of the Dharmayana Student Activity Unit through an activity called Metta Day XXIII also conduct the same activities in the form of free medical treatment and social services in six villages in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta on January 8-14, 2018. This activity was accompanied directly by "Student and Alumni Director" (Dirmawa) Untar "Dr. Adianto, M.Sc. Untar strongly supports all Untar student social activities. The social activities of Untar students are very active and good in programs, very extraordinary and useful, "said Dr. Adianto, M.Sc. as the Director of Student Affairs and Alumni Untar. Dirmawa "appreciates" students in interacting with local residents, and honing students' soft skills.  

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