Welcome to the Faculty of Information Technology of Tarumanagara University


The Faculty of Information Technology at Tarumanagara University was established on 26th October 2001 with decree letter No. 01-305/KR/UNTAR/X/2001. The faculty has 2 programs; the Informatics Engineering undergraduate program (Accredited A) and the Information System undergraduate program (Accredited B). Having a mission to develop into Southeast Asia’s leading faculty in entrepreneurship that possess integrity and professionalism, its curriculum in Informatics Engineering and Information Systems have been prepared to have a balance between basic courses in computer science, computer skills courses and laboratory exercises carried out both in a group as well as individually.

Tarumanagara University’s Faculty of Information Technology is committed to preparing its graduates as ready-to-work professionals in the field of information and technology as well as to become qualified experts in information technology through a curriculum and academic activities that adapt to the latest developments in the era of globalization. Its alumni have provided a proven track record as professionals in the field.

At present, the faculty has shown rapid progress in terms of scientific thought, including through research and the academic information system. On 17th February 2012, the faculty attained an ISO 9001:2008 certificate from URS-UKAS (United Registrar of Systems – United Kingdom Accreditation Service). Nearly 90% of its current faculty members have academic qualifications of either Professor, Associate Professor or Lector, a feat difficult to match by other Indonesian private universities. The scientific explorations carried out by the faculty’s students have also produced encouraging results. Various groups of students have received grants from the Directorate General of Higher Learning (DIKTI) during annual science competitions.

By joining the academic community here at Tarumanagara University’s Faculty of Information Technology, you are taking the right path for reaching future success in the field of information technology.

Jakarta, September 2014.

Best Regards,


Prof. Dr. Dyah Erny Herwindiati, M.Si.