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Message Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Program Tarumanagara University have a very strong capability of designing so it should be the best choice students who want to work and innovate in the field of Electrical especially in the field of Computer Systems Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. In addition, the Electrical Engineering Program also has produced many champions in the field of robotics, especially in the Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) and the Indonesian Smart Robot Contest (KRCI).

Vision, Mission and Objectives Electrical Engineering Program


Become a high education institution in Electrical Engineering that leads in national and regional levels.


  • Produce graduates who are able to master and develop science and technology in Electrical Engineering independently.
  • Produce graduates who can meet the demands of the global labor market in the field of industry and the needs of the wider community, especially in the designing.
  • Become the developer and applicant of science and technology in electrical engineering field.


General purpose

Preparing students to become faithful citizens ,have a high spirit of Pancasila, and high personal integrity, open and responsive to change and progress in science, technology, art and the problems faced by the community, especially those related to their expertise.
Prepare graduates who have the following qualifications:

a. Being able to apply the knowledge and skills of its technology for the field of expertise in productive activities and services to the public.

b. Mastering the basics of scientific and methodological knowledge and specific areas of expertise so as to discover, understand, explain and formulate a way of solving the existing problems in the area of ​​his expertise.

Special purpose

  1. Create telecommunications engineer and computer systems engineer who is capable to analyze the problems of electrical engineering in general and provide a solution with appropriate methods.
  2. Being able to design software and hardware, especially in the system and the telecommunications industry .
  3. Able to design computer software, especially computer interface design and programming
  4. Able to develop computer software to support application design, signal processing, data communications and simulation.
History of Electrical Engineering Department
Electrical Engineering Program is the fifth Department from the Faculty of Engineering. The inauguration of the establishment of Department of Electrical Engineering is on August 10th, 1992, which is supported by the General Directorate of High Education Decree No. 155 / Dikti / Kep. / 1992, on April 28th, 1992. After operating for five years and produce graduates, Status of the Department of Electrical Engineering became ” recognized ” by the Directorate General of High Education Decree No. 352 / Dikti / Kep / 1998. Changes in status determination system for high education institutions to change the status for Electrical Engineering in 2000 became accredited with B rate and supported by the Decree of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia Number: 008 / BAN-PT / AK-IV / VI / 2000. Five years later, in 2005 changes the status of the accreditation Electrical Engineering Program, from B to A rate with tje Decree of National Accreditation Board for High Education MONE number: 022 / BAN-PT / Ak-IX / S1 / XII / 2005 ,

Department Heads

Department Heads of the department are the Chairman and Secretary of the department. Department Head is helped by the Chief of concentration of computer system engineering and telecommunication engineering in developing and teaching.The Leaders also helped by the Chief of General in terms of administrative affairs. The Chairman and Secretary of the Department is a form of public leadership and organization in the Electrical Engineering Department, the Chief of the concentration is a form of operational leadership to the field of science and teaching, as well as the Chief of General as a form of operational leadership in general.

Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Ir. Hadian Satria Utama, MSEE

Secretary of the Department of Electrical Engineering: Drs. F.X. Sigit Wijono, M.T.

Head of Telecommunication Engineering: Ir. Tjandra Susila, M.Eng.Sc., Ph.D.,

Head of Computer Systems Engineering: Ir. Hadian Satria Utama, MSEE

Nama JFD Bidang Keilmuan
Endah Setyaningsih, Ir.,M.T. LK Telekomunikasi
F.X. Sigit Wijono, Drs.,M.T. L Telekomunikasi
Hadian Satria Utama, Ir.,MSEE. AA Komputer
Joni Fat, ST.,ME. AA Komputer
Meirista Wulandari, ST., MT. - Komputer
Suraidi, ST., MT. AA Telekomunikasi
Tony, M.Kom. L Komputer
Yohanes Calvinus, ST.,MT. - Komputer
Nama JFD Bidang Keilmuan
Amir Husin, M.Sc. LK Ilmu Dasar
Christian, S.T. - Komputer
Dali S. Naga, Prof., Dr., Ir., MMSI. GB Komputer
Didi Surian, S.T.,M.T. AA Komputer
Edy Haryono, S.T.,M.M. - Telekomunikasi
Eko Syamsudin, Ph.D., M.Eng. LK Komputer
Fachraini Bacharuddin, S.T.,M.T. AA Telekomunikasi
Hartono Haryadi, Ir., M.Phil. LK Telekomunikasi
Harlianto Tanujaya, Ir.,M.Kom. LK Komputer
Hendrianto Husada, Ir.,MT. - Telekomunikasi
Indra Surjati, Prof., Dr., Ir., MT. GB Telekomunikasi
Johan Kunto Wibowo, Ir.,M.Sc. L Ilmu Dasar
M.O. Tjia, Prof., Dr. GB Telekomunikasi
Muljono, Prof., Dr. GB Ilmu Dasar
Nurwijayanti K., ST.,MT. L Telekomunikasi
Pono Budi Mardjoko, Ir., MSEE. L Komputer
Parino Rahardjo, Ir., MM., Dr. LK Manajemen
Ridwan Gunawan, Ir., MT., Dr. LK Telekomunikasi
Tjandra Susila, Ir.,M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D. LK Telekomunikasi
Tony Winata, Ir. AA Telekomunikasi
Slamet Budi Nugroho, S.Kom
Siswadi J. S.
Sri Endah

Contact Us

Electrical Engineering Department Secretariat

Block L Building, 3th Floor, Tarumanagara University

Letjen S. Parman Road No. 1, Grogol 11440 West Jakarta

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