Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering of Tarumanagara University


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The Faculty of Engineering of Tarumanagara University was established on October 1st1962, and continues to evolve and advance as a modern campus. We have 6 (six) Undergraduate Programs which are: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering. We also offer a Masters of Architecture Program.
Our vision is to become a high quality and professional Higher Educational Institute of Technology at Regional and National levels. Armed with this vision, our mission includes:
1. Delivering students who master the development of Science and Technology;
2. To carry out the task to produce qualified graduates who are able to compete globally
3. Producing graduates who can meet the needs in society, as well as meet market demands
4. Encouraging the development and application of Science, Technology and the Arts.
An important part in achieving the above mission is by cooperating with Educational institutions, Research institutions, and Industries, at a national and international level. It is intended to support the learning process at the Faculty of Engineering of Tarumanagara University in order to produce graduates with learning achievements and high competence, in line with the development of up-to-date Science and Technology.
We were especially excited to have our department take part in welcoming the ASEAN Community in 2015. We invite all the students in the Faculty of Engineering to continue developing themselves, so they will be prepared to face global competition.
Please join us in the Faculty of Engineering of Tarumanagara University, to advance and develop our education together.