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Are Designer Visual Communication (Graphic Design)?

Who are Visual Communication Designers?

A Visual Communication Designer is a creative problem solver. They are educated professionals who are creative, mastering skills in art, technology and management. Furthermore, they provide solutions using images and text and various media instruments.

Is it the same as sketch artist?

These designers are creative problem solvers and are therefore different than sketch artists. They solve problems of visual communication as a whole and must be able to identify problems upon receiving the initial client brief . Afterwards they must conduct research, analysis, concept building while also presenting in front of a client providing alternative ideas, idea executions, control implementation, and evaluate the outcomes. The aforementioned are part of a professional and paying duty.

Who are the Clients?

Clients are individuals or organizations with a needing assistance to communicate with the audience and have put aside the budget for that purpose. Almost every company, government agency, non-governmental organization, foundation, and also political parties and candidates, and celebrities, have an interest to communicate with people (the target audience). The need to build and maintain an identity, image, brand building, organizing social campaigns, commercial campaigns, and many more activities through media communication in today’s world continues to grow as seen with prevalent tools such as web sites and social media.

Does it mean that there is a wide job scope as Visual Communication Designers?

Yes, for most visual communication positions. With greater presence of digital media (such as computers, tablets, smart phones), the work opportunities are also growing very fast.

Why it has to be us?

Are all areas of visual communication covered as a designer?

Of course not. Everything starts from the basic language of visual skills before sharpening the skills in that field. Inthe Visual Communication Design program, students must decide on their specialty of the field during the fifth semester.

What are the areas of concentration specialization in the visual communication design?

There are three (3) main specializations: (1) Graphic Design, (2) Design Marketing Communications, or commonly known as advertising design, and (3) Multimedia Design. Each group specialization has various yet specific sub-fields. Students gain the opportunity to take optional courses according to their respective interests.

How do students choose a specialization that is suitable?

After four semesters of study, we expect students to understand what their interests are in line with their own potential. Every student is briefed and given guidance on their interest of choice. By the fifth semester onwards,, students should have better grasp of their specialization or concentration. Other educational support includes the main courses (i.e a course plan) and also a variety of optional subjects.

What are the requirements in order to graduate?

First, the student must perform a Field Practice, or often known as an internship. They work for various design companies or institutions requiring designers within the organization. After that, the student must pass a thesis defense(TA). The scope of that assignment includes a complete job simulative account (comprehensive, including his/her writings). All thesis defense are examined, presented, and tested by the board of examiners.

What is the title after graduating as a Visual Communication Designer?

They title upon graduation commencement is “Bachelor of Design” (S.Ds.).

Is UNTAR’s Visual Communication Design course accredited?

Yes, the study program has been accredited for a number of years. Based on the Accreditation BAN PT No.: 027 / BAN-PT / AK-SURV-III / SI / VII / 2012 decree, the program is ‘A’ accredited.

What miscellaneous information must I also know?

For graduates interested in working in the industry, specifically in design or advertising agncies, a production house, as publishers, must compile their works in the form of portfolio including entrepreneurs; the above are produced during their length of study.

What are possible job positions and specific professions as a visual communication designer?

Quite a lot due to growing developments of digital media technology seen in the following examples below (attached).

Who should we contact for further information?

Please come to the Bureau of Admission at the University, or directly contact the Faculty of Visual Art and Design.

What makes UNTAR’s VIsual Communication Design is the righteous choice?

Visual communication designers job scope is quite extensive with possible professions in numerous communications industry (such as advertising agencies, design firms, web-developers, production house and so on). They can also work for clients (eg, creative staff or staff promotion in Mall, Department Store, Company real estate, pharmaceuticals, fashion and so on). Designers can also work independently as freelance designers. For entrepreneurs, building a design oradvertising agency is a possible option (such as Creative Boutiques, brand consultants, brand activation agencies and many more).


Examples of the profession, for graduates of visual communication design is as follows :


Prospective Job Opportunities for Graphic Designers (Graphic Design) includes:


  • Logo Designer:
    Designers are tasked with building a visual image of a company, or other institutions, so that the company has a unique picture that is simple, easy to remember, long-lasting, and in accordance with the basic faslafah, vision and mission.
  • Brand Designer:
    Designers are specifically doing the work to build brand identity. They will work with the brand managers, and the product designers.
  • Publishing Designer:
    Designers who focus on publications such as books, magazines, newspapers, annual reports, novels, comics, and various other forms of media.
  • Visual Merchandiser:
    graphic designers specializing in the visual work of displays and display stores, department stores, malls, and fairs.
  • Packaging Designer:
    Graphic designers who are experts in designing packaging, keeping in mind the principle of function, material type, budgeting, and proper technology.
  • Sign System Designer:
    A graphic designer specializing in the design of a system of visual signs or markers in a closed or open area. The design should be able to give individual identities while helping guide, direct, give information, and provide a sense of security and attractiveness (enviromental graphics) to people who are in a specific area of the environment.
  • Security Printing Designer:
    Designers with expertise in the field of printed securities such as stocks, bonds, stamps, diplomas, certificates, and so on.
  • Collateral Media Designer:
    This is a generic job form as a graphic designer. They are designers who create various promotional media such as leaflets, brochures, calendars, posters, and more.
  • Digital Imaging Designer:
    Designers with expertise on digital images.
  • Photographer:
    Expert professional photo artists often hired forr various purposes including advertising, social events, documentation, fashion, product photos, and art.
  • Illustrator:
    Designers with capabilities in presenting an image as a narrative, description depending on the decor. Usually they have the skill and style of a strong image.



  1. Field of Multimedia (Multimedia Design), the most important are:


  • Videographer:
    Expert professionals with strong graphic effect knowledge helping to design and produce a video for a variety of needs such as company profile videos, TV commercials, video documentaries, and many more.
  • Animator:
    Professionals working as animated film creators(or often called Cartoon movies). They designed the animated characters, movements, and interesting story graphics. Animation can be presented in 2-Dimensional or 3-D. There is also animation presented in a giant scale known as Video-Mapping.
  • Interactive Media Designer:
    Expert designers with the ability to design websites, games, e-marketing visuals, and other interactive medias.



Prospective Job Opportunities for Advertising Design (Advertising / Marketing Communication Design) includes:


  • Creative Director:
    highest position in the creative department of an advertising agency. The main task is to lead the entire staff to produce a strategized and creative concept. The concept serves as a brand marketing communication solution for assigned to clients at ad agencies.
  • Art Director:
    Functioning as a creative Director, in charge of generating strategies, concepts, and ideas that are visually appealing in advertisements and promotions.
  • Visualizer:
    Staff Art-Director in charge of completing a nearly flawless design requiring adequate illustration skills and a good lay-out.
  • Computer graphic artist:
    They are staff members specializing in the cultivation and settlement of creative work to complete ensuring forprint-ready or ready for broadcast.
  • Producer:
    A visual communication design graduate, with the talent and interest in the field of production management specifically as a print producer, TVC producer, or working as a Traffic Manager.
  • Account / brand Planner:
    The staff works as an account management / marketing in charge of planning the brand welfare, or promotional campaigning at each phase of the brand’s life-cycle.




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