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Thank you for visiting our website. We are continuing to build new content, which is expected to communicate the vision, mission, planning, execution and result of our work to be the number one bachelor’s degree program in Design.


Currently there are two courses in the FSRD-UNTAR organization: Visual Communication Design and Interior Design. Both study programs are accredited by Indonesia’s National Accreditation Board of Higher Education – Universities. The curriculum that we have today provides students with the opportunities to develop a specialization or concentration of their skills. Students have the perception that design is constantly evolving to suit the needs of community, profession, and industry. For example, in visual communication design, the digital revolution has changed the production of professional design and how it works. The digital revolution has also fostered new methods of communication which was not available a decade ago. As such, the Visual Communication Design program consists of three main specializations: Multimedia Design, Graphic Design and Advertising Design.

The Interior Design study program has been designed with a focus on Visual Merchandizing, Exhibition, and Furniture Design useful for interior design for private spaces, commercial, offices and public spaces that are the expected expertise for interior designers. Both courses, Visual Communication and Interior Design, are equipped with a variety of excellent laboratories ranging from a photography lab, Animation, Illumination and Acoustics Laboratory as well as a laboratory for Computer Graphics, Computer lab Interior Design, and many more.


Please contact us by phone or e-mail should you have any enquiries. We are more than happy to assist in providing you with information, concerning our institution as well as about the world of design in general.


Best wishes for all of us.


Dr Muchyar, M. Hum.