ACTIVITY the students of Faculty of Psychology UNTAR

CFD 3“The world is not created for healthy people, but God also created for our brothers who have disabilities, psychological disorders such as” “Call them by name instead of by the disturbances” That campaigned by community psychology, both students, teachers, psychologists, scientists psychology on 11Oktober 2015 in the area of ​​Car free day roundabout at 6:00 to 9:00 o’clock in memperinggati world mental health day. Every October 10 every year is celebrated as the world health or mental health world. This year the event is celebrated all over the world are taking the theme of dignity. At an event attended by over 500 community psychology dati, students and a professor of psychology Untar participate by sending approximately 40 male and female students. In addition to a healthy way while campaigning mentally healthy, Faklutas Psychology students also sends 5 students consisting of Alex Valentino, Ayu, John, Alexander, Wendy to fill the event by bringing about 7 songs. They enliven the event with their acoustic band that also stimulate other universities to have appeared spontaneously.


ACHIEVEMENT the students of Faculty of Psychology UNTAR

IMG_0119Students of the Faculty of Psychology, University Tarumanagara won the essay writing competition on the occasion call for an essay on the theme efforts to increase positive behaviors to build my country. The event is organized by the university glorious Mother took place on May 22, 2015. The competition, which aims to find scientific ideas to increase positive behaviors through this paper was followed by several representatives of psychology students from various universities in Jakarta, in addition to the faculty of psychology Untar, also followed by Bina Nusantara University, University of Bunda Mulia and others. Faculty of Psychology Untar send 3 representatives, among others, Patricia Astrid Nadia Wignarajah force in 2012, CARDIA Ivana and Maria Theresia Astrid Felicia who both come from the class of 2010. The third representative of this Untar Psychology faculty, entered the final stage and is required to make a presentation to the jury’s 3 memamaprkan ideas. Results mengembira obtained by the Faculty of Psychology Untar because of the three vice Untar, Astrid won the 1 to Essay entitled Gigan: game Increase good attitude now and behavior increase is greatly: Story E-book-based mini-games with a learning approach to improve the behavior of eco-friendly schooled in children and adolescents. While cardia Ivana get ranked third with an essay entitled “A Positive Message A Day, Keep Away The Negatives: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Positive Reinforcement in Positive Behavior Allowing for Developing Moral Children” Bravo … Psychology Untar … Us