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UNTAR Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine of Tarumanagara University as an excellent entrepreneurial Medical Faculty that has integrity and professionalism in Southeast Asia



To produce graduates that are competent, professional, full of integrity, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

To develop and use science, technology, and art in cohesion to achieve institutional excellence and better public health

To produce excellent human resources who are dedicated to promote growth of the organization 


The purpose of medical education is to produce physicians that are responsible on every level of health care, such as :

  1. Performing medical services according to the public policy based on Pancasila, which consists of :
    • To know, analyze, and organize the priority of public health problems occurring at present time and in the future, and to solve those problems through planning, implementation, and reevaluating promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative programs
    • To solve public health problems using knowledge, clinical skills, laboratory skills, observatory and recording skills to identify, diagnose, perform medical procedures, taking preventive measures, consults, and to help on patients rehabilitations based on medical ethics and laws, while also considering the physical, spiritual, and socioculture aspects of the community
    • To make full use of resources to increase public health
    • To realize that excellent health services is an important factor in ecosystem that would increase public health
    • To educate and encourage society to increase its health
  2. Continuously improving and developing oneself in medical science according to his/her talents, with principles of life-long learning.
  3. Assessing its professional activities regularly, realizing the needs to add more educations, choosing relevant medical resources, and assess all achievements critically
  4. Develops health science, especially medical science by participating in education and research, and finding solutions of patients health problems, society health problems, and medical services system, especially medical care services.
  5. Nurture and develops a character, needed to ensure the longevity of its profession such as, integrity, responsibility, trustworthy, caring, and respect for other people, according to medical ethics.