In order to facilitate the education process with problem based learning tutorials, the Faculty prepared 28 discussion rooms which are soundproof. Each room is equipped with air conditioner, proper lighting, CCTV monitors, computer with internet access, and an LCD. We also prepared standard equipment such as chairs, desks, white board, soft board, and flip chart. Every discussion room can accommodate up to 12 students.


To facilitate teaching subjects with laboratory practices, the Faculty prepared five laboratories, which are :

  • 1st Laboratory : prepared for chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and herbal studies
  • 2nd Laboratory : prepared for parasitology, clinical pathology, and microbiology studies.
  • 3rd Laboratory : used for physiological and pharmacological studies.
  • 4th Laboratory : used for histology and pathology department studies
  • 5th Laboratory : used for anatomy subjects.
  • THCT ( Tarumanagara Human Cell Technology ) Laboratory : for research purposes laboratory which is working together with Baermed Swiss.
  • Computer Laboratory : Used for exploring references and examination.


Clinical Skills Competency can be reached through training and clinical skills examination. To achieve that purpose, the faculty have prepared 24 clinical skills training rooms for the students. Each room is arranged to copy a physicians practice rooms and hospitals ward, such as : desks, chairs, bed, standard examination tool kits; also air conditioning, proper lighting, soundproof rooms, and CCTV monitors. These rooms is made with the purpose of facilitating clinical skills training as if the students are practicing medicine in real life settings. These rooms also used for Objective Structure Clinical Examination. The Clinical Skills Laboratory of Faculty of Medicine of Tarumanagara University is also listed as a National OSCE Center, which fulfills the requirements for organizing OSCE examinations.


Clinical Practice study on Physician Profession Program is the most important aspect, in which a good education facility such as a teaching hospital is needed. Hence, the Faculty of Medicine of Tarumanagara University have signed an agreement with a lot of hospitals, elderly homes, puskesmas. Here are some of the hospitals we are working with :

  1. RS. Husada
  2. RS. Pelabuhan, Jakarta
  3. RSPI, Sulianti Saroso
  4. RS. Sentra Medika, Cisalak
  5. RSUD Kota Kabupaten Kudus
  6. RSUD Kota Semarang
  7. RSUD Ciawi
  8. RSUD Cibinong
  9. RS Bhayangkara Semarang
  10. Sanatorium Darmawangsa
  11. Sasana Resna Werdha Yayasan Ria Pembangunan
  12. Panti Werdha Hana
  13. Puskesmas di Jakarta Barat dan Tangerang
  14. RS. Khusus Jiwa Dharma Graha
  15. RS. Royal Taruma
  16. RS. Sumber Waras


To facilitate the students education and to provide medical references for the students, we also provides a library which is equipped with :

  • Book collections of over 5165 titles
  • 23 International Journal collections and 83 National Journal collections
  • Online Electronic Medical Journal, Clinical Key
  • CD collections over 155 titles
  • Newspapers
  • Catalog PC
  • PC with internet connections
  • Reading booths provided with air conditioning, lighting, desks, and comfortable chairs.