Professional Study Program doctor lasted for four (4) semesters which is the practice of clinical (Clinical Practice) in a vehicle of clinical education that is at a major teaching hospital, satellites and networks, also in Sasana Tresna Werdha Ria Development, Panti Werdha Christian Hana, Sanatorium Dharmawangsa, Special Hospital Mental Dharmagraha and various health centers in Jakarta and outside Jakarta.

In PSPD students learn to meet real patients. to perform anamnesis, physical examination, make a diagnosis and recommendation management under the guidance of educators physician clinics.

Students must complete and pass the 15 eyes secretariat compiled by the faculty in the rotation secretariat.

Eyes secretariat to be solved are:


  1. Internal Medicine.
  2. Pediatrics.
  3. Surgery.
  4. Obstetrics & Gynecology.
  5. Public Health and Community Medicine.
  6. Science of nutrition.
  7. Neurology.
  8. Science of Mental Health.
  9. Dermatology & Venereology.
  10. Eye Diseases Science.
  11. Pathology ENT.
  12. Radiology.
  13. Anesthesiology.
  14. Medical Forensic Science. Geriatrics.

Faculty will host a pre-graduated students who have completed all rounds clerkships. Students who have completed and passed the whole round clerkships, the faculty will enroll students on a national competency test CBT and OSCE.

Students passed PSPD when it has completed and passed all rounds of the secretariat and pass the national competency test (CBT and OSCE), students will receive professional certificates / diplomas from the University and a certificate of competency from the College of Physicians Primary Indonedia (KDPI). Furthermore, the faculty will host the inauguration ceremony and oath doctors.

Professional certificates, certificates of competency and proof of oath is a condition of graduates obtain Registration Certificate and permit the practice internship. By obtaining STR and SIP Internship graduates eligible for the internship, as pemahiran program. Internship governed by the Internship Committee of Indonesian Doctors Association (KIDI). Completed the internship graduates will acquire STR and SIP Definitively.


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