The students, parents and educational counselors who I love, On this website you will obtain comprehensive information on the Faculty of Medicine, University Tarumanagara. Faculty of Medicine, located in West Jakarta area is a medical education institutions have a special vision that no other medical faculties in Indonesia as well as in other areas of the world. The vision contained in the characteristics of their integrity, professionalism and entrepreneurship. The content of this core is putting graduates FK Untar always have the contextual activities and work at various ages. Alumni can even be job creators. Activities at the Faculty of Medicine, University Tarumanagara always reflect their:

  1. Strong medical research, leading to the achievement of the Nobel prize.
  2. Characterize their transfer / transfer of technology and medical science / health.
  3. Entrepreneurial capabilities of human medicine Tarumanagara University.

The education process is conducted in the Faculty of Medicine, University Tarumanegara a modern medical education process that refers to both the existing guidelines created by intitutusi world of medical education as well as the existing regulations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. The teaching staff of the Faculty of Medicine, University Tarumanagara an experienced and qualified staff who meet the qualifications and level of education degree.

Educators are educators who have lecturer certification according to the regulations and requirements. Graduates and alumni of FK Untar will certainly have the ability competence prediction technology, health problems, ability to perform modern research, the ability to perform environmental conservation, conducting medical education which is the current trend, the political ability to contribute to the health and medicine as well as have the ability to develop an international program. Hospital education is also a teaching hospital that serves patients who qualified based on evidence-based research. As for the laboratory is a laboratory that meets scientific requirements.

The existence of the Faculty of Medicine, which has a national and international accreditation requirements; the existence of both preclinical and clinical laboratories are good and their accredited teaching hospitals make Tarumanagara University School of Medicine (three in one) is unique in the eyes of the people of Indonesia. These characteristics are virtually owned by the Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia. Such a glimpse of the Faculty of Medicine, University Tarumanagara. Hopefully we can all join hands to become meaningful for the nation and the country we love even for the world. Regards, Dean of the FK Untar.