1 img_6396FFaculty of Communication (Fikom), Tarumanagara university established with a passion for developing communication science and technology adaptive to the dynamics of science and technology. Within the framework of communication science academic standing between the intersection of various disciplines. Expected to have the flexibility to bridge the sharing of knowledge in line with the human civilization. In applicative perspective, Communication Studies has the power to reduce the uncertainties that are useful in business development.

1 dsc_0161While the frame humanism, rich communication value – the value of sensitivity to fight for universal democratization useful for human well manusia.Fakultas Communication Studies (Fikom), Tarumanagara university will remain consistent develop Communication Studies in academic situations that values – scientific value. While in the context of the application, Fikom Untar will seek to explore the benefits of Communication Studies area – the extent of the interest of the business world as well as a variety of other fields in the life of the business masayarakat.Representasi, Communication Studies Program Tarumanagara University opened three specializations namely Public Relations, Journalism and Advertising.

Produce graduates who are virtuous, and have mastered the concept of competence in the field of communications and information technology-based communication.


Have an entrepreneurial spirit who are experts in the field of Public Relations, Journalism, and Advertising, which is supported by kreatifisme in mastery of information technology, as well as to the dynamics adptif diversity in the communications industry globalization frame.

Curriculum Program S1 Communication Studies, the University, designed and developed in line with efforts to foster the entrepreneurial spirit, the needs of national and international industry. The curriculum is prepared on the basis of competence elements comprising 98 credits of core competencies, supporting kompetemsi 36 credits, and other supporting competence 13 credits. The programs offered are bachelor degree (S-1) with the unanimity of the study 147 credits, the study of 8 (eight) semesters or four years. The learning model with Student Centered Learning approach.


Communication science graduate job prospects are very broad, in addition to entrepreneurship in the field of creative industries, business communications and media, also can work and career in the company, among others, are as follows:

Based Public Relations Communication Technology:

The courses offered include:
• Fundamentals of Public Relations
• Presenter & Negotiations
• Rhetoric & Public Speaking
• Monitoring & Evaluation Planning Public Relations
• Public Relations Business
• Strategy & Planning Public Relations
• Public Opinion and Propaganda
• Industrial Management Public Relations
• Corporate Social Response (CSR)
• Internship Public Relations
• Thesis Public Relations


Based Journalism Communication Technology

The courses offered include:
• Fundamentals of Journalism
• Journalism Media
• Editorial & Writing News
• Reporting and Investigation
• Feature Writing
• Writing Electronic
• Strategy & Planning Media
• Content Analysis & Framing
• changable & Layout
• Management of the Media Industry
• Journalism Internship
• Thesis Journalism

Based Advertising Communication Technology

The courses offered include:

• Fundamentals of Advertising
• Presentation & Negotiation
• International Advertising
• Global Communications
• Advertising Copywriter
• Semiotics Ad
• Art & Graphic Design
• Research Advertising & Marketing
• Management of Advertising Industry
• Consumer Insight
• Creative Advertising
• Brand and Positioning
• Internships Advertising
• Thesis Advertising



• Laboratory Photography
• Laboratory Audio Visual
• Laboratory Space Studio
• Computer Laboratory
• Language Laboratory
• Radio UNTAR
• LCD / Projector
• Notebook
• Internet (Wi-Fi)
• Libraries