Riris Loisa

— Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si —

Welcome to the Website of the Faculty of Communication, Tarumanagara University

Communication is a skill that is fundamental to human life and continues to be studied in line with the development of human civilization. Today communication has evolved into a science with various forms of practical implications.

The existence of the Faculty of Communication Tarumanagara University (FIKom UNTAR) in urban society was the starting point toward the development of communication studies in the faculty, where knowledge, attitude and communication skills are focused on three of concentrations: journalism, public relations and advertising.

Learning process in the three concentrations is based on the value of humanism, professionalism, integrity, and entrepreneurship, which intended to build the student’s competencies, to be ready to work in the field of communication with respect for others even with those who have different perspectives.

Through this website, readers can see more of the Faculty of Communication, the people in the program, the vision and missions, the curriculum, etc. This website is also a medium for academic and non-academic data storage and dissemination for students, lecturers, and other stakeholders.

Please feel convenient to know FIKom UNTAR further through this website. Hopefully the information obtained through this medium will bring added value to develop knowledge, attitudes, and communication skills in line with the development of our civilization.