The research conducted by lecturers of the Faculty of Law between 2012 – 2013 includes the following:

“Decision of the Commercial Court in the Justice System in Indonesia”

The research was a collaboration between Gunardi, S.H., M.H. (main researcher) together with H. Rasji S.H., M.H. This research focuses on the Commercial Court Decision No. 13 / Bankruptcy / 2006 / PN.NIAGA.JKT.PST.

“Analysis of Jurisdiction Act of 1945 As Indonesia’s State Constitutional Basis”

The reserach was a collaborative research by H. Rasji, S.H., M.H. (main researcher) together with Gunardi, S.H., M.H.

Scientific Publications

Jurnal Era Hukum

1. Journal “The Era of LAW”

The journal consists of several scientific findings by Tarumanegara University’s lecturers and law practicioners specifically teaching staffs from UNTAR’s Faculty of Law This journal was accredited by the Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) and has a registered number from ISSN.

The following individuals contributing to the “The Law Era” Journal includes:

  1. Dr. Ahmad Sudiro, S.H., M.H., M.M.
  2. H. Rasji, S.H., M.H.
  3. Hj. Prihatini Adnin, S.H., M.Hum.
  4. Dr. Dwi Andayani Budi Setyowati, S.H., M.H.
  5. Dr. Shidarta, S.H., M.Hum.
  6. Yuwono Prianto, S.H., M.H.
  7. Drs. Teddy Nurcahyawan, S.H., M.A.
  8. Hj. Mulati, S.H., M.H.
  9. etc.

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2. Adigama Law Magazine

The magazine is managed by students from the faculty of law. In general, the publication features numerous articles and short news articles about Tarumanagara University’s Law Faculty. The Adigama Law Magazine also functions as a tool for students interested in journalism or for honing in enhanced journalistic skills.