History and Development of the Faculty of Law UNTAR

The Faculty of Law is the second oldest Faculty in Tarumanagara University and was established on October 1st, 1962.

The Bachelor Degree Program first received an ‘A’ accreditation from Indonesia’s National Accreditation Board for Higher Education in 1998 and more recently received accreditation under the regulation, National Accreditation Board for Higher Education number 002 / BAN-PT / Ak-XII / S1 / IV / 2009.

The Faculty of Law UNTAR received public acknowledgment for their alumni who have been accepted to numerous companies after graduation and have received awards exemplifying the quality standard of their expertise and quality.

UNTAR’s Faculty of Law has over 3,200 reliable and professional alumni, most of which have obtained successful careers in various legal professions, such as, Notary Assistants, Paralegals, Assistant Law Consultants, Assistant Legal Advisors of the Company (in-house lawyers), and Civil servants. Moreover, they have also managed to become negotiators, mediators, conciliators, human resource officers and  legal experts in various sectors such as, banking, insurance, capital market, manufacturing and general services. The job opportunities as a graduate of the Faculty of Law UNTAR are countless.

Aside from developing their career and profession, many Faculty of Law graduates also manage to pursue their studies obtaining a Masters degree or Doctoral degree, professional notary and advocate, and others. The Faculty of Law UNTAR also has an alumni network (IKA FH UNTAR) spread across numerous job sectors locally and internationally assisting all graduates interested in pursuing a career in law.

UNTAR’s Faculty of Law continues to develop cooperation with various educational institutions, government bodies, and professional entities within the country and overseas which showcases UNTAR’s Faculty of Law’s success and sustainability of the program.