A Message from the Dean

(Dr. Ahmad Sudiro, S.H., M.H., M.M.)


When you are reading this letter, you must begin to think about the things related to Faculty of Ladekan baruw of Tarumanagara University. Faculty of Law is one of the eight faculties available in Tarumanagara University. This faculty was established on  October 1, 1962, and the second oldest faculty (after Faculty of Economics) in University.

As a private university is dedicated to the legal field, the Faculty of Law has a strong commitment to conducting high quality education in legal field and continually improve itself both  academic and non-academic activities. Due to the utmost efforts we have made  the Law Faculty has been certified to conduct Master of Law Programs by Directorate General of Higher Education, Department of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia. The  Law Faculty has also succeeded to maintain “A” accreditation for undergraduate program (Decree of BAN PT  Number 002/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/S1/IV/2009) and post-graduate program of Master Degree (Decree of BAN PT Number 019/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-X/M/I/2013) from National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi – BAN PT). Meanwhile, post-graduate program of Doctorate Degree has gained “B” accreditation based on the Decree of National Accreditation Board of Higher Education Number 398/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/D/X/2014.

In line with the vision of “Spearheading the disciplinary study of law with high quality and internationally-minded apprach while sticking  to Indonesian values, advocating professionalism and human dignity”, Faculty of Law of Tarumanagara University praticies Student Center Learning (SCL) approach, based on the Curriculum of National Qualification Framework of Indonesia. The law curriculum is oriented to business law and adjusted to the necessity of stakeholders. The adjustment comes with the availability of several factors such as qualified lecturers, comprehensive references and comfortable reading-room, condusive learning environment and other facilities.

Moreover, in regards to maintaining the  quality management of Higher Education, all of the units, both at undergraduate and post-graduate programs have been internally audited by Internal Audit Office (Kantor Audit Internal – KAI) of Tarumanagara University and External Audit by Indonesian Representative of Certification Institution from United Registrar of Systems (URS). As such, the programs  have succeeded in gaining the certification of ISO 9001-2008 since 2011.

During the process to achieve its vision and mission, Faculty of Law has actualised “The Three Dedication of Higher Education” which consiste of education, research and public service. Faculty of Law has always in communication with many parties to organize, Special Education of Advocate Profession (Pendidikan Khusus Profesi Advokat – PKPA), Training on Negosiation Technic, Training on Certified Mediator, and Education of Adhoc Arbiter. Faculty of Law has been collaborated with both private and governmental institutions, such, Indonesian Advocate Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia – PERADI), Indonesian Mediation Board (Badan Mediasi Indonesia – BAMI), National Arbitration Board of Indonesia (Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia – BANI), Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Various efforts have been undertaken, to equip on students with business law professionalism, they are trained through learning process, professional training, and global-minded education to respond the needs of global society.  The quality of the law graduates will in turn present a positive contibution to the society in question.

Thank you for your kind affention and sincere support.