Part of the higher education concept of ‘Tri Dharma’includes community service in which, the Faculty of Law at Tarumanagara University continues to organize through several activities including:

1. Legal Education for Society

In order to increase public knowledge of laws in Indonesia, the Faculty of Law at UNTAR conducts annual counselling sessions on laws. The material during each session is made to be easily understood discussing some areas in law that are often associated with the community, such as Agrarian Law, Contract Law, Marriage Law, and the Law on Narcotics and addictive substances.

Previous sessions were held in the following places:

  1. Law Counseling for the citizens of Angkasa Pura Complex, Kemayoran.
  2. Law Counseling in Kelapa Dua, Kebon Jeruk.
  3. Law Counseling in Pondok Bahar, Tangerang.
  4. Law Counseling in Semanan.
  5. Law Counseling in TanjungGedong, Grogol, West Jakarta
  6. Law Counseling in Cibodasari, Tangerang, Banten.
  7. Law Counseling in Kedoya, West Jakarta.

2. Social Services

In addition to law counseling, Faculty of Law of University of Tarumanagara also organizes other social activities among other things:

  1. Distribution of free reading glasses (in cooperation with UNTAR-Faculty of Law Alumni Association).
  2. Blood donors (in collaboration with UNTAR-Faculty of Law Alumni Association).
  3. Social services for the people in the neighborhood of the Tarumanagara University 4th campus building, which is located on Tangerang, Banten. (in collaboration with the UNTAR-Faculty of Law Alumni Association).