Accounting is a profession contributing a significant role in numerous businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Accountants assist with maintaining public trust and interest by providing verification, audits, and other assurance services.

The Professional Education of Accounting program aims to be the center of education and professional training for aspiring accountants equipping individuals with leadership qualities, a global mind-set, and integrity.


To produce professional accountants with knowledge and high skills in accounting IT-backed taxation and other related information. Prospective middle-level managers are further taught intrapersonal and interpersonal skills upholding values of integrity, leadership, entrepreneurship, and an environmentally conscious mind-set, capable of competing on a global level.

To produce accountants with the capacity to fulfil roles as External Auditors, Internal Auditors, Corporate Management Accountants, Capital Market and Finance Consultants, and Professional Executives.


The Professional Accounting Education Program invites fellow Bachelor of Accounting graduates from accredited universities to enroll at Tarumanaga University in order to develop knowledge and expertise in the industry.